Frequently Asked Questions

Planning, Design & Construction

The park will be funded through Park Impact Fees and the General Fund Revenue Bond.

The location of each amenity was determined by the best maximum use of the space. For instance, the multi-use sports fields were placed on Parcels 14A & 14B because they require a larger parcel of land due to their size.

Park improvements will be built in a phased approach starting with Parcel 18.  The City received a grant from the National Fitness Organization to install an outdoor circuit training fitness court in early 2021.

Once the City receives all comments, ideas and suggestions from the September 16, 2020 public meeting, the designers will finalize the conceptual plans, present them to City Council for final approval and prioritization of construction phases, with the goal to begin work in early 2021.  Design and construction of the project is expected to be 24 months. Construction will occur 12-18 months after final designs are complete.

About the Park

Yes. The park is intended to serve the surrounding community.

The park will operate from dawn to dusk.  Scheduled programmed games are expected to exceed these hours.

At this time, community gardens will not be available in the park. However, if an organization wishes to become part of the City’s Adopt-a-Park program, it can be considered.

This will be dependent on future demand and funding.

Near the 50% design stage, the City will develop a maintenance plan with staffing assignments for the park.

During the design phase, the City will develop a Recreation Programming Plan for the park to make this determination.

During the design phase, the City will develop a Recreation Programming Plan for the park to make this determination.

A Recreation Programming Plan includes elements and services for the City’s recreation program functions, including activity selection, type, scope and outreach initiatives, private/public partnerships, scheduling and inclusivity for overall effectiveness. In addition, the plan will include maintenance plans for parks green space and fields, staffing level requirements and public safety factors.

Connectivity to Parcels

Parcels south of Warrior Way would be connected by sidewalk.  While the project is only in the conceptual planning phase, the City expects to provide a pedestrian crossing between Parcels 14A & 14B/multi-purpose fields and Parcel 16/smaller children’s play area.

There is a sidewalk on Forum Boulevard from Colonial Boulevard to Champion Ring Road. Forum Park would be a trailhead park for Treeline Avenue and Buckingham Road. 

This will be dependent on future funding and negotiations between the City of Fort Myers and the developer.

Residential Considerations 

There are no plans to change Warrior Way at this time.

The location of the dog park was determined to be the best maximum use of the space. Parcels 14A & 14B are the only locations where separate small and large dog sections could be accommodated.

Currently, lighting in City parks located in or near residential areas are shut off by 10 p.m.  Newer sports lighting is designed to shine directly on sports fields.  It is more controlled and improved with a sharp cut off point designed to stop at the edge of playing fields, not towards residential areas. Enhanced landscaping will be added to the existing buffer to further reduce impact.

Enhanced landscaping with a mix of vegetation and taller canopy trees will be added to the existing buffer to further reduce impact.


The City has other facilities within City limits that offer other recreational activities, such as tennis.

This will be part of the recreational programming plan that will be developed by the City during the design phase.

Water Feature

An interactive fountain is proposed in the conceptual plans. Typically, interactive fountains run on a push button schedule that turns on when activated or it can be placed on a timer. Operation of the feature has not been determined to date since we are still in the conceptual plans phase.

Yes, the system will constantly filter the water.

The City understands that although there is an additional cost when adding water features to a park, the public greatly benefits by the added recreation amenity.


In order to preserve the aesthetics of the area, fences will not be installed. However, there will be plenty of signage to warn of potential dangers.

No. The adjoining lakes are owned by developers, not the City.

No. The adjoining lakes are owned by developers, not the City.

Security and Safety

The park will generally be open from dawn to dusk. Certain areas of the park will have lighting for scheduled programmed activities.  These items will be included in the City’s recreational programming plan.

Security cameras will be included in the cost of the park.

Certain areas of the park will be locked when activities are not scheduled.

The Fort Myers Police Department will provide security.

Possible Park Features

• Multi-use sports fields
• Pickleball courts
• Universally designed playgrounds
• Dog park
• Picnic areas and walkways
• Amphitheater
• Personal fitness
• Open space
• Interactive fountain

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